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Dawn & Europa Teams
Dawn & Europa Teams

JPL shared honors in both categories of the 2013 NASA Systems Engineering Excellence Award. The Dawn Flight Team was one of the two award winners in the Programs and Projects category, while the Europa Habitability Mission Systems Engineering Team (co-led by Brian Cooke and Todd Bayer) and Integrated Model-Centric Engineering Initiative Team (co-led by Steve Jenkins and Dan Dvorak) was one of the two award winners in the Techniques and Methodologies category.

Program and Project Category

Dawn Flight Team: Success at Vesta enabled by Solar Electric Propulsion. Marc Rayman, team lead

For completing the design, build, test and validation of the Dawn operations system and successfully utilizing that system to operate the spacecraft with its solar electric ion propulsion system to accomplish the ambitious scientific goals of the Dawn mission at Vesta

Techniques and Methodologies Category

Europa Habitability Mission Study Systems Engineering Team (Todd Bayer and Brian Cooke, team leads) and Integrated Model-Centric Engineering Initiative Team (J. Steven Jenkins and Daniel Dvorak, team leads)

For developing infrastructure to support model-based engineering for space flight and applying those tools to build models of essential aspects of a proposed mission and project to explore Europa, including detailed models of three distinct architectural concepts for the EHM Flight System.

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