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About These Blogs: The JPL Science & Technology Blogs are a way for our researchers and technical staff to give first-hand accounts of the activities that are going on at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. A cross-section of our staff contribute posts about the tasks they are currently involved in for NASA and JPL. These blog posts are meant to discuss technical topics. Selected comments that are on-topic are published and are moderated.

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Topic: Field Campaigns: MOHAVE 2009
11.02.2009 10:36 AM

By Thierry Leblanc

This MOHAVE 2009 Campaign was a great opportunity to meet young, and less young, scientists of various horizons. Among the youngest were two wonderful graduate students, Monique Calhoun from Howard University, Maryland, and Corinne Straub from University of Bern, Switzerland. Monique started her first graduate year just two weeks before the beginning of the campaign, while Corinne had already completed one year. This blog is posted on their behalf. Two interesting contributions, the MOHAVE 2009 ...Read More on ''

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10.19.2009 11:12 AM

By Thierry Leblanc

MOHAVE 2009, or “How Dry is the Atmosphere in Wrightwood?”
Well, just check this picture and you will have an idea right away…

Ironically, the “Sheep Fire” which started Saturday October 3rd, 2009 in Lytle Creek Canyon, propagated up the mountain 10 miles farther within 12 hours in an average ambient relative humidity of 45% and near-freezing temperatures! The top of Lone Pine Canyon, where the San Bernardino County Fire fighters successfully stopped ...Read More on ''

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Planetary Ices
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Optical Communications
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Spacecraft Thermal Engineering

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