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Cassini Thermal/Devices Sequence Checking
06.09.2009 12:56 PM
Ruwan Somawardhana

By Ruwan Somawardhana
Spacecraft Thermal Engineering

As an engineer in the Spacecraft Thermal Engineering group at JPL, I work on a broad range of projects in different phases of their lifecycle. We work everything from conceptual design all the way through flight operations.

Currently, my biggest task is supporting the Thermal/Devices group for Cassini. My primary job is to help ensure the health and safety of the spacecraft from a thermal perspective. One way I do this is sequence checking for uplink operations. All commands that go to the spacecraft are generated by the various science and engineering teams and are put into sequences that contain all the commanding for a period of approximately 40 days. It is then up to me to make sure there is no commanding that violates any flight rules related to the Thermal/Devices subsystem or that will put the spacecraft in a thermally adverse state. Special attention is paid during orbit trim maneuvers (OTMs), main engine cover articulations, and Enceladus and Titan Fly-bys.

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