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Lifecycle Integrated Modeling and Simulation
Lifecycle integrated modeling and simulation enables rapid and thorough exploration of trade spaces during early mission design, as well as validated high-fidelity science and engineering simulations. It targets the development of a formal framework of model verification and validation that includes quantification of uncertainties in model parameters to assess and establish performance margins.Read More about Lifecycle Integrated Modeling and Simulation
Christopher Assad Research Technologist
Christopher Assad
Research Technologist
Theodore Reck Postdoc
Theodore Reck
News and Events Achievements
OPALS Boosts Space-to-Ground Optical Communications Research
NASA Selects Advanced Space Technology Concepts for More Study
JPL-UCLA Planetary Science Workshop
Jupiter's polar aurorae: stratospheric temperature and composition from ground-based and spacecraft measurements
Kepler Mission
2012 Aviation Week Laureate Award (Space)Read More about Kepler Mission
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