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Origins of Stars and Planets
When studying the origins of stars and planets, researchers at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) use telescopes and advanced models to study the formation and death of stars, the physical and chemical processes in the spinning clouds of gas and dust where these stars are born, and the direct detection of planets around other stars. JPL collaborates with many groups that use telescopes to look for these conditions in the universe.Read More about Origins of Stars and Planets
Theodore Reck Postdoc
Theodore Reck
David Trotz Member of Technical Staff
David Trotz
Member of Technical Staff
News and Events Achievements
Successful Test Flights for Mars Landing Technology
Study of Atmospheric 'Froth' May Help GPS Communications
The Composition of Vesta: What we are learning about the Smallest Terrestrial Planet
Exoplanet imaging and characterization at Palomar and Keck
The Kepler Team
Robert H. Goddard Memorial TrophyRead More about The Kepler Team
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