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Planetary habitability is at the center of astrobiology research at JPL. Researchers conduct field and lab studies in microbiology and chemistry to help them plan for future planetary exploration missions. Recently, JPL was awarded two grants from NASA's Astrobiology Institute.Read More about Astrobiology
Petr Kuchynka Postdoc
Petr Kuchynka
Tom Roberts Optical Communications
Tom Roberts
Optical Communications
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NEOWISE Identifies Greenhouse Gases in Comets
Fuel Additive Could Lead to Safer Jet Fuel
Distribution, Variation and Transport of CO in the Upper Troposphere from Satellite Observation and Model Simulation
The InSight Mission: Journey to the Center of Mars
Eric Larour
For significant innovation in Ice Sheet modeling and estimation of improvements to model forcings consistent with altimetry and other dataRead More about Eric Larour
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