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Audit shows safety a high priority in Microdevices Lab
Audit shows safety a high priority in Microdevices Lab

JPL’s Microdevices Laboratory garnered high marks from a recent safety audit conducted by NASA’s Office of Safety and Mission Assurance.

NASA’s Operations and Engineering Panel review results showed that the laboratory scored very well when compared to the typical amount of action findings at most NASA centers, said Art Lee, the NASA Headquarters audit lead who oversees the reviews and audits at the centers.

JPL received 16 actions, 14 observations, and six commendations in the audit. Frank Mortelliti, manager of JPL’s Environmental Health and Safety Program Office, noted that the number of actions typically runs in the 30-plus range. The audit divides safety findings into three categories: actions, which are non-compliant areas of either federal, state, local or NASA safety, environmental or health policies; observations, which are things auditors saw but didn’t have enough time to determine if an issue of non-conformance exists, and are simply brought to the center’s attention; and commendations, outstanding examples of safety in action that are shared with other NASA centers.

The NASA Operations and Engineering Panel comprised 22 members, all subject matter experts, from other NASA centers and Headquarters. More than 25 program presentations were provided by various JPL experts.

“The Microdevices Lab and all the entities that support it -- including medical, facilities, environmental, health and safety, and fire and security -- should be proud of their contributions,” Mortelliti said, adding that he credited the good performance to “the excellent, knowledgeable and safety-conscience Microdevices Lab employees, and this mirrors the rest of JPL.”

Microdevices Lab Manager James Lamb was commended for “his unwavering and passionate dedication to the successful and safe operations” of the laboratory, which by the nature of its work often uses a variety of materials, some hazardous, with safety being the first consideration.

Visit the JPL Microdevices Laboratory website for additional information.

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