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Positions and Fellowships Investments and Proposals
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JPL sponsors many programs for faculty, students, recent graduates, and post doctoral researchers. As an institution, JPL is committed to working with the next generation of scientists, engineers, and technologists by participating in educational and research programs. There are many opportunities for university partners to work with JPL and engage in a successful research partnership.Read More about Universities
Researchers with new and exciting ideas are key to JPL's success, which is why JPL invests heavily in research and development activities. These investments often make use of strategic university and industry partners who are key to achieving advances in science and technology and ensuring mission success. Funding is available for those tasks that have strong partnerships and show the promise of making advances on the cutting edge of research.Read More about Investments
Industry Partnerships
JPL and business partnerships
JPL is committed to lowering entry barriers to collaboration. Small and large businesses alike are encouraged to partner with JPL in efforts to advance technology in new and innovative ways.Read More about Industry
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