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Industry Partners

JPL is committed to working with industry to transfer technologies and develop commercial products and services, which employ NASA developed technologies, but address Non-NASA needs.

JPL developed technologies often have applications outside of NASA. Commercial ventures have licensed many patents and software programs developed here and incorporated them into successful products and services. Among these are:

  • CMOS Camera technology developed at JPL for remote sensing instruments has been incorporated into many digital and cell phone cameras worldwide
  • Precision algorithms for satellite GPS receivers are now being used in a variety of other fields, all the way from agriculture to telecommunications
  • Image analysis software for planetary science is now being used with ultrasounds for early detection of cardiovascular disease

Between 2005 and 2010, JPL innovators have reported over 2000 new technologies. During the same period, 208 patents were granted and 1,972 licenses were established to transfer technology to various US Government, non-profit, and commercial entities.

If you know of a JPL developed technology that you are interested in licensing, or have general inquiries about our commercialization program, please contact us, or follow one of the links below:

Featured Technologies Available for Commercialization

Software Licensing

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