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Software Licensing

JPL developed software is routinely licensed and released to other organizations for a variety of Non-NASA purposes. Several different license types are available:

  • Licenses for U.S. Government Agencies are free. U.S. Government Subcontractors are also eligible for free licenses, once an active government contract is verified.
  • Universities and non-profit organizations may also obtain free licenses for research use.

If you know of a software application that you are interested in licensing, please enter your request at the JPL Software Download Site at

You will need to provide certain information, including the name of the software, what you intend to use the software for, and the name of an officer or attorney (signatory authority) in you organization that can negotiate a license agreement.

If you have questions about the software licensing process at JPL, please contact Brian Morrison at 818.354.2458 for more information.

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