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Innovative Partnership Program

The IPP Partnership Seed Fund has been established as a new initiative to enhance NASA’s ability to meet mission technology goals by providing seed funding to address barriers and initiate cost-shared, joint-development partnerships. The IPP Seed Fund will be used to provide "bridge" funding to enable larger partnerships and development efforts to occur and will encourage, to the maximum extent possible, the leveraging of funding, resources and expertise from non-NASA partners, NASA Programs and Projects and NASA Centers.

Partnership goals include providing for an increased range of technology solutions, a broadened technology portfolio, improved cost avoidance, accelerated development and maturation of technologies, and a larger pool of qualified commercial providers.

  • An annual process for selecting innovative partnerships for funding, to address the technology priorities of NASA’s Mission Directorates.
  • Enhances NASA’s ability to meet Mission capability goals by providing leveraged funding to address technology barriers via cost-shared, joint-development partnerships.
  • The IPP Office at NASA HQ provides an annual Seed Fund Announcement of Opportunity to all NASA Centers for selecting innovative partnerships for funding.
  • The technology landscape covered by the successful proposals embraces the needs of all four Mission Directorates.
  • Seed Fund operates through a collaboration of Center IPP Offices, NASA co-PI, and external co-PI

Point of Contact
Dean Wiberg
Phone - 818.354.5724
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