Dr. Kasthuri Venkateswaran

  • Ph.D. in Marine Microbiology (1982)
  • Doctorate in Agriculture (Food Microbiology & Hygiene; Hiroshima Univ.) (1990)

Research Interests: 
  • Microbiology
  • Extremophile
  • Molecular Microbiology

Professional Experience: 
  1. 32 years of research encompass marine, food and environmental microbiology. He has applied his research in molecular microbial analysis to better understand the ecological aspects of microbes, while conducting field studies in several extreme environments such as deep sea (2,500 m), spacecraft (Mars Odyssey, Genesis, MER, Mars Express) assembly facility clean rooms (various NASA and ESA facilities) as well as the space environment in Earth orbit (International Space Station).

Selected Awards: 
  • One NASA Peer Award, 2005
  • JPL Center – One NASA Peer Award, 2005
  • NASA Space Act Award, 2003 & 2008
  • Novel Technology Report Award (25), 2000 - present.

Selected Publications: 
  1. Venkateswaran, K., M. Satomi, S. Chung, R. Kern, R. Koukol, C. Basic, & D. White. Molecular microbial diversity of spacecraft assembly facility. Syst. Appl. Microbiol. 24:311-320, 2001.
  2. La Duc M. T., Nicholson W., Kern R., & K. Venkateswaran. 2003. Microbial Characterization of the Mars Odyssey Spacecraft and Its Encapsulation Facility. Environ Microbiol. 5:977-85.
  3. La Duc, M.T., M. Satomi, N. Agata, & K. Venkateswaran. 2004. gyrB as a phylogenetic discriminator for members of the Bacillus anthracis-cereus-thuringiensis group. J. Microbiol. Methods 52:367-77.
  4. La Duc, M.T., R. Kern, & K. Venkateswraan. 2004. Microbial Monitoring of Spacecraft and Associated Environments. Microb. Ecol. 47:150-158.
  5. Venkateswaran, K., Chung, S., Allton, J., & Kern, R. 2004. Evaluation of various cleaning methods to remove Bacillus spores from spacecraft hardware materials. Astrobiology. 4:377-390.
  6. Venkateswaran K., Hattori N., La Duc M.T., Kern R. 2003. ATP as a Biomarker of Viable Microorganisms in Clean-room Facilities. J Microbiol Methods 52:367-377.
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  10. La Duc, M.T., Sumner, R., Pierson, D., P. Venkat, & K. Venkateswaran. 2004. Evidence of Pathogenic Microbes in the International Space Station Drinking Water: Reason for Concern? Habitation. 10:39-48.
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Dr. Kasthuri Venkateswaran
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