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Astrophysics & Space Sciences

Helix nebula
Astrophysics and space science research efforts at JPL primarily study the physics and origins of our galaxy, and ultimately the universe. Research focuses on, among other things, developing new techniques to observe gravitational waves, observing magnetic fields and plasmas, theoretical modeling of star and planet formation, and the measuring of atomic collisions in a laboratory setting.
Atomic and Molecular Physics
AMP researchers study collision-physics phenomena and develop mass spectrometers for planetary exploration. More details about the seminar 'Atomic and Molecular Physics'

Cosmologists are currently developing new detector technologies, new instruments, and new concepts for future astrophysics space missions to study the universe as a single system. More details about the seminar 'Cosmology'

Origins of Stars and Planets
Researchers study extrasolar planets, planet formation, and the next generation of technologies needed to image them directly. More details about the seminar 'Origins of Stars and Planets'

Relativistic Astrophysics
Current research on relativistic astrophysics, gravitational-wave astronomy, and gamma-ray astrophysics. More details about the seminar 'Relativistic Astrophysics'

Space Physics and Heliophysics
Studies in this area include missions and research activities related to our planet's sun and its effects on our solar system and beyond. More details about the seminar 'Space Physics and Heliophysics'

Structure and Evolution of Normal & Active Galaxies
Researchers at JPL try to understand how galaxies function as systems by looking at changes in dark matter, stars, and gases over time. More details about the seminar 'Structure and Evolution of Normal & Active Galaxies'

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