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Earth Sciences

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Ocean Science
Ocean Science

Ocean researchers at JPL are primarily concerned with studies of ocean circulation and its interaction with the atmosphere and ice, with a focus on ocean topography and vector winds. They are involved in many of NASA earth science missions and modeling activities.

Jason measurements
Sea Surface Winds
Top image: Wet path delay comparison maps from Jason-1 and Jason-2.
Bottom image: Sea surface winds from QuikSCAT.

Researchers in ocean science study ocean circulation, are involved in ocean modeling tasks, and also closely watch air-sea interaction. JPL ocean researchers are committed to contributing to planning for future missions, for example, with simulation experiments. JPL aims to have an end-to-end view of its work, including in situ and remote sensing technology, data analysis, numerical modeling, assimilation, prediction and information management. An important new direction in this areas is developing the expertise and infrastructure required to transition basic science and research to practical operations, providing value-added information, and products to policy/decision makers and decision support tools.

Selected Current Efforts

  • Coupled ocean circulation and ice processes

Future Research Tasks

Researchers in this area also support current and near-future JPL missions and large tasks, including:

  • Aquarius, to measure sea surface salinity
  • GRACE, measuring gravity, both time-averaged and time-varying


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