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Strategic Technology Contacts

Strategic Technology Point of Contact

Large Aperture Systems

  • Lightweight apertures
  • Lightweight precision controlled structures
  • Integrated low temperature thermal control
  • Advanced metrology
  • Wavefront sensing and control
  • Precision pointing
Greg Davis

Detector and Instrument Systems

  • Detector and focal plane systems
  • Active remote sensing
  • Passive remote sensing
  • In-situ sensing
  • Active cooling systems for detectors and instruments
Carl Ruoff

Advanced Propulsion and Power

  • Advanced electric propulsion technologies
  • Advanced chemical propulsion technologies
  • Precision micro/nano propulsion
  • Power sources for deep space missions
  • Energy sources for deep space missions
Dan Goebel

In Situ Planetary Exploration Systems

  • Entry, descent and landing
  • Mobility
  • Sample acquisition and handling
  • Autonomous orbiting sample retrieval and capture
  • Planetary Protection
John Stocky

Survivable Systems for Extreme Environments

  • Survival in high-radiation environments
  • Survival in particulate and hypervelocity impact environments
  • Electronics and mechanical systems for extreme temperatures, pressures over wide temperature ranges
  • Reliability of systems for extended lifetimes
  • Space radiation modeling
Andrew Shapiro

Deep Space Navigation

  • Mission design and navigation methods
  • Precision tracking and guidance
  • On-Board autonomous navigation
Raphael Some

Precision Formation Flying

  • Distributed spacecraft architectures
  • Wireless data transfer
  • Formation sensing and control
Fred Hadaegh

Deep Space Communications

  • High-rate communication techniques
  • Optical communications
  • Autonomous and cognitive radios
  • Flight transponder technology
  • Antenna arraying
Les Deutsch

Mission System Software and Avionics

  • Space-borne computing
  • Mission system software
  • Autonomous operations
  • Software reliability
Rich Doyle

Lifecycle Integrated Modeling and Simulation

  • Trade space exploration
  • Coupled and integrated physics-based modeling
  • High-fidelity model verification and validation
  • Model integration
Dan Dvorak
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