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Founded in 2005, the Operations Planning Software (OPS) Lab develops cutting-edge operations tools for a broad variety of robotic systems, including humanoids, rovers, landers, blimps, planes, boats, spacecraft, and cyber systems. The OPS Lab supports collocation of software development teams, integrates mission-focused and technology-development work, and uses agile development principles to deliver customer-focused software products. An early OPS Lab product, SAP, was co-winner of NASA's Software of the Year award. Two OPS Lab developers often work as a team on production code using a pair-programming workstation that connects two keyboards, mice, and monitors to one computer. Typically, one person writes code while the second thinks strategically, looks up documentation, and reviews the code, with demonstrated improvements in development velocity and code quality. The OPS Lab is a founding partner in NASA's Ensemble project, an open architecture for the development, integration, and deployment of mission operations software.

Flight Projects

Other Projects
  • ISS Next-Generation Planning System
  • RAPID Collaborative Telerobotics Command and Monitoring System
  • Cloud Computing for Flight Project Services

Technology Development Projects
  • Aerobot Titan Atmosphere Explorer
  • Stage Surround Screen Operations Theater
  • Field Testing of Robots
  • ATHLETE Lunar Cargo-Carrying Robot
  • AISR Tactical Rover-based Martian Geologic Mapping
  • White Sands Missile Range Test and Evaluation Command and Control
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