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Office of the Chief Scientist and Chief Technologist

Office of the Chief Scientist and Chief Technologist

JPL's abilities to meet NASA exploration and science objectives depends on the development and application of advanced technologies as well as conducting progressive scientific research to advance our state of knowledge and charter future directions.

In collaboration with program offices and other experts in science and technology fields, The Office of the Chief Scientist and Chief Technologist (OCSCT) coordinates and identifies a number of strategic areas that are critical to JPL's strength as applied to NASA's future success, and works with these groups to facilitate the setting of goals for implementation planning, resource acquisition and partnerships. More information can be found in the JPL Strategic Technology Directions document.

Chief Technologist and Chief Scientist
Chief Technologist Jonas Zmuidzinas and Chief Scientist Dan McCleese

Chief Scientist - Dan McCleese

The Chief Scientist is responsible for providing scientific leadership at JPL, fostering partnerships and research collaboration with universities and other academic organizations worldwide.

Contact the Chief Scientist
Phone: 818.354.2317

Chief Technologist - Jonas Zmuidzinas

The Chief Technologist is responsible for the development of strategic technologies at JPL that support the next generation of missions and research activities across the Laboratory.

Contact the Chief Technologist
Phone: 818.393.7600

Associate Chief Scientist -
Cinzia Zuffada

Contact the Assoc. Chief Scientist
Phone: 818.354.0033

Associate Chief Technologist -
Fred Y. Hadaegh

Contact the Assoc. Chief Technologist
Phone: 818.354.8777
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