Associate Chief Scientist

Cinzia Zuffada

Assoc Chief ScientistDr. Cinzia Zuffada has lead the development of the measurement technique of "GPS ocean reflection" for oceanography, at JPL. She has played a pivotal role in demonstrating the feasibility of the GPS altimetry measurement from fixed site and airplane, has acquired international recognition and is active in chartering future technology developments.

Dr. Zuffada has established foundations in GPS occultation with mountain-based or air-borne receiver, leading to international collaborations. She has played a key role in the development of the combined finite-element integral-equation technique for scattering and radiation modeling of large complex systems, including conformally mounted arrays. She has lectured at Italian universities on this subject.

Dr. Zuffada has also pioneered the use of genetic algorithms in electromagnetic synthesis applications by demonstrating the feasibility of novel grating filters geometries.