Peter Veres

Dr. Peter Veres obtained Master and PhD degrees at Comenius University in Bratislava. His theses were oriented on populations of meteoroids originated from asteroids and telescopic survey simulation on a small wide-field survey telescope. As a telescope operator at AGO Observatory of Comenius University he participated in photometric survey of binary asteroids and follow-up of NEO candidates. Since 2008, while visiting Institute for Astronomy at University of Hawaii, he was involved in Pan-STARRS project, ranging from simulation of survey efficiency in detection potential Earth-impacting asteroids. From 2011 until 2014 as a postdoc at University of Hawaii he worked among Pan-STARRS MOPS team discovering asteroids and comets and improving the Pan-STARRS system. Since 2015 he is working at JPL in 392R division (Solar System Dynamics) on Solar System simulations and residual statistics of asteroid orbits and potential Earth-impactors and data mining, precovery and follow-up observations from Pan-STARRS survey.

  • PhD, Astronomy & Astrophysics, Comenius University, Slovakia (2010)
  • MS, Physics, Comenius University, Slovakia (2006)

Research Interests: 

Solar system surveys – discovery of asteroids and comets, follow-up, design of survey strategies; characterization of physical properties of asteroids – optical photometry, observational astronomy; orbital evolution of meteors and meteoroid populations – origin of asteroidal meteors – tidal breakup of asteroids due to close approach to planets; photometric observation and characterization of transiting exoplanets

Professional Experience: 
  • IT Specialist, QualityUnit, Slovakia (2009)
  • Astronomer, Comenius University, Slovakia (2010-2011)
  • PS1 MOPS Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Hawaii, USA (2011-2014)
  • Research scientist, Comenius University, Slovakia (2014-2015)
  • Caltech Postdoctoral Scholar, Caltech, USA (2015 onwards)

Selected Awards: 
  • SAIA grant (2008) – scholarship for University of Hawaii exchange program

Selected Publications: 
  1. Vereš, P.,  Farnocchia, D., Jedicke, R., Spoto, F.: 2014. The effect of parallax and cadence on asteroid impact probabilities and warning times. PASP 126, 433
  2. Vereš, P., Jedicke, R., Denneau, L., Wainscoat, R., Holman, M., Lin, H.-W.: 2012. Improved Asteroid Astrometry and Photometry with Trail Fitting. PASP 124, 921
  3. Vereš, P., Kornoš, L. and Tóth J.: 2010. Meteor showers of comet C/1917 F1 Mellish, MNRAS 412, 511.
  4. Vereš, P., Jedicke, R., Wainscoat, R., Granvik, M., Chesley, S., Abe, S., Denneau, L. and Grav, T. 2009.: Detection of Earth-impacting asteroids with the next generation all-sky surveys,  Icarus 203, 472
  5. Vereš, P., Klačka, J., Kómar, L. and Tóth, J.: 2008. Motion of a meteoroid released from and asteroid. Earth, Moon and planets 102, 59
  6. Vereš, P.,  Tóth, J. and Kornoš, L.: 2006. Search for very close approaching NEAs. CAOSP 36, 17
Peter Veres
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