Instrument Technologies

JPL's expertise in instrument technologies spans the entire instrument life-cycle, beginning with researching advanced technologies to finally delivering and archiving science data products.    

Image of Detectors and Instrument Systems

Detectors and instrument systems enable scientific investigations into the origin, state, and fate of the universe; habitability and the emergence of life; and the evolution of Earth’s structure, climate, and biosphere. They also enable accurate control of complex engineering systems.

Image of In-Situ Planetary Exploration Systems

In-situ planetary exploration systems enable planetary and small-body surface, subsurface, and atmosphere exploration leading to sample acquisition, retrieval, and return to Earth.

Image of Large Aperture Systems

Large aperture system technologies include telescopes and radar systems that are used to help earth and planetary missions collect science data.

Image for Spectroscopy

Imaging spectroscopy -- the acquisition of spectra for every point in an image -- is a powerful analytical method that enables remote material detection, identification, measurement, and monitoring for scientific discovery and application research.