Shahab Arabshahi

Dr. Arabshahi joined the Deep Space Tracking Systems group at JPL’s Communications Ground Systems Section in March 2016. He received the Bachelor of Science in Physics from Sharif University of Technology, Iran, the Master of Science in Physics from University of New Brunswick, Canada, and Ph.D. degree in Physics from the Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne. He has presented his research in numerous international conferences and high-impact journals. He was also a recipient of NASA’s Earth and Space Sciences Fellowship for his Ph.D. research and NASA’s Postdoctoral Program award.

  • PhD: Florida Institute of Technology
  • MSc: University of New Brunswick
  • BSc: Sharif University of Technology

Research Interests: 

Theoretical modeling, computational simulation, and instrument development in the fields of atmospheric electricity and energetic radiation from planetary environment.

Professional Experience: 
  • NASA Postdoctoral Fellow, NASA-JPL/Caltech: February 2016 - present
  • Postdoctoral Researcher, Florida Institute of Technology: May 2015 - February 2016

Selected Awards: 
  • NASA Postdoctoral Program Award
  • NASA Earth and Space Sciences Fellowship

Selected Publications: 
  1. Shahab Arabshahi, J. R. Dwyer, E. S. Cramer, J. E. Grove, C. Gwon, J. D. Hill, D. M. Jordan, R. J. Lucia, M. A. Uman, H. K. Rassoul, “The Energy Spectrum of X-Rays from Rocket-triggered Lightning”, Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmosphere 120 (20), 10,951-10,963 (2015).
  2. Shahab Arabshahi, J. R. Dwyer, A. Nag, and V. A. Rakov, and H. K. Rassoul, “Numerical Simulations of Compact Intracloud Discharges as the Relativistic Runaway Electron Avalanche - Extensive Air Shower Process”, Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics 119 (1), 2169-9402 (2014).
  3. E. S. Cramer, J. R. Dwyer, Shahab Arabshahi, I. B. Vodopiyanov, N. Liu and H. K. Rassoul, “An analytical approach for calculating energy spectra of relativistic runaway electron avalanches in air”, Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmosphere 119 (9), 7749-7823 (2014).
  4. V. Cooray, G. Cooray, T. Marshall, Shahab Arabshahi, J. R. Dwyer, H. K. Rassoul, “Electromagnetic fields of a relativistic electron avalanche with special attention to the origin of lightning signatures known as Narrow Bipolar Pulses”, Atmospheric Research 149, 346-358 (2014).
  5. M. M. Schaal, J. R. Dwyer, Shahab Arabshahi, E. S. Cramer, R. J. Lucia, N. Y. Liu, H. K. Rassoul, D. M. Smith, J. W. Matten, A. G. Reid, J. D. Hill, D. M. Jordan, M. A. Uman, “The structure of X-ray emissions from triggered lightning leaders measured by a pinhole-type X-ray camera”, J. Geophys. Res. Atmos. 119 (2), 982–1002 (2014).
  6. J. R. Dwyer, M. M. Schaal, E. S. Cramer, Shahab Arabshahi, N. Y. Liu, H. K. Rassoul, J. D. Hill, D. M. Jordan, M. A. Uman, “Observation of a gamma-ray flash at ground level in association with a cloud-to-ground lightning return stroke”, J. Geophys. Res. 117, A10 (2012).
  7. P. Fatehi, Shahab Arabshahi, Z. Ziaee, R. O. Malinen, Y. Ni, “Simulating the impact of kraft pulping and bleaching parameters on Eucalyptus camaldulensis pulp properties using MATLAB”, Can. J. Chem. Eng. 88 (3), 455-461 (2010).
Shahab Arabshahi
4800 Oak Grove Drive
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Phone: (818) 354-2854