2019 JPL Outstanding Postdoctoral Research Awards

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Ceremonies held in September honored five postdoctoral scholars for their outstanding research efforts at JPL.


The researchers won a competition at the annual Postdoctoral Research Day. The day showcased the outstanding work of postdoctoral scholars in the fields of Earth science, astrophysics and space science, planetary science and life detection, and technology, instrumentation and engineering.


The winners delivered lectures on their work at the September 24th awards ceremony and were presented with commemorative plaques by JPL Chief Scientist, Mark Simons.


Of the posters presented, five were selected by a panel of judges. The awardees are:

  • Sofia Rahiminejad for her work on Si RF-MEMS for mapping of planetary surfaces
  • Trevor David for his work on A family of newborn planets transiting V1298 Tau
  • Társilo Girona for his work on Diffuse Heating of Volcanic Mountains Prior to Eruption 
  • Liam Steele for his work on Thermal tides in the atmosphere of Mars


The annual Postdoctoral Research Day showcases the outstanding work of postdoctoral scholars at JPL.


To learn more about JPL's postdoctoral programs, please visit https://postdocs.jpl.nasa.gov.