National Academies

The National Academies are private, independent nonprofit institutions that recognize and promote outstanding leadership to the nation.  Being elected to an academy is one of the highest honors afforded to a professional scientist or engineer.  Members and Fellows are elected by their peers based on their distinguished careers and accomplishments.  The following individuals have been named members or fellows of a National Academy.




Year Elected

Primary Section*

Paul Dimotakis National Academy of Engineering 2016 Aerospace Engineering
Charles Elachi National Academy of Engineering 1989 Special Fields & Interdisciplinary Engineering
Lee-Lueng Fu National Academy of Engineering 2008 Special Fields & Interdisciplinary Engineering
Dan Goebel National Academy of Engineering
National Academy of Inventors
Special Fields & Interdisciplinary Engineering
Shouleh Nikzad National Academy of Inventors 2017 -
Eric Rignot National Academy of Sciences 2018 Geophysics
Adam Steltzner National Academy of Engineering 2016 Aerospace Engineering
Graeme Stephens National Academy of Engineering 2015 Special Fields & Interdisciplinary Engineering

*Not all academies require members/fellows to select a "section" (a broad research category representing their specialty).