Awards and Recognitions

The Edward Stone Award for Outstanding Research Publication

The Edward Stone Award for Outstanding Research Publication recognizes and encourages the publication of significant research results in science and in technology/engineering by JPL employees throughout their professional careers. This distinguished award consists of a certificate of recognition and an Explorer Bonus Award of $10,000. Generally, four (4) awards are presented each year, nominally two in science and two in technology/engineering.

Marina Brozovic

For improving knowledge of the physical and orbital properties of Apophis enabling strategic preparations for its 2029 approach.

Tong Lee

For elucidating the role of the Maritime Continent’s water cycle on the global ocean circulation.

Shannon Brown

For detecting and characterizing Jovian lightning sferics from observations of the MWR instrument.

Alexander Soibel

For demonstrating extremely low dark current infrared detectors suitable for spectral imaging applications.

The Lew Allen Award for Excellence

The Lew Allen Award for Excellence is designed to recognize and encourage significant individual accomplishments or leadership in scientific research or technological innovation by JPL employees during the early years of their professional careers. The award consists of $25,000 from the JPL Research and Technology Development Fund (R&TD) to be used at JPL to enhance the professional efforts of the awardee. In addition to R&TD funds, the awardees will receive a monetary award of $10,000 and a memento. Annually, up to four (4) individuals may receive awards.

Sidharth Misra

For exceptional contributions to digital microwave radiometry.

Benjamin Hamlington

For exceptional contributions to understanding sea level change.

Morgan Cable

For exceptional contributions to our understanding of chemistry on Titan’s surface.

Brian Bue

For exceptional contributions to machine-learning for remote sensing systems.


The work and accomplishments of many JPL researchers has been recognized by many institutions. Awards, fellowships, and other recognitions have been bestowed on researchers across multiple fields of research.

Bobby Braun

National Space Society Space Pioneer Award

Rob Manning

National Space Society Space Pioneer Award

Yoseph Bar-Cohen

SPIE Smart Structures + Materials Founding Chair Awards

Leslie Livesay

AAS Carl Sagan Memorial Award