Awards and Recognitions

The Edward Stone Award for Outstanding Research Publication

The Edward Stone Award for Outstanding Research Publication recognizes and encourages the publication of significant research results in science and in technology/engineering by JPL employees throughout their professional careers. This distinguished award consists of a certificate of recognition and an Explorer Bonus Award of $10,000. Generally, four (4) awards are presented each year, nominally two in science and two in technology/engineering.

Junjie Liu

For fundamental advances of our understanding of the carbon cycle.

Donald Argus

For identifying a new mechanism controlling the changes in California’s water storage.

Curtis Chen

For developing an innovative and robust model of terminal descent radars.

Pierre Echternach

For laboratory demonstration that the quantum capacitance detector is the most sensitive far infrared sensor ever built.

John Krist

For defining the state of the art in optical modeling of coronagraph’s performance.

The Lew Allen Award for Excellence

The Lew Allen Award for Excellence is designed to recognize and encourage significant individual accomplishments or leadership in scientific research or technological innovation by JPL employees during the early years of their professional careers. The award consists of $25,000 from the JPL Research and Technology Development Fund (R&TD) to be used at JPL to enhance the professional efforts of the awardee. In addition to R&TD funds, the awardees will receive a monetary award of $10,000 and a memento. Annually, up to four (4) individuals may receive awards.

Cecile Jung-Kubiak

For demonstrated excellence in the development of innovative silicon micromachining techniques that have enabled novel electromagnetic, mechanical, and propulsion devices.

Jose Siles

For the development of high-power ultra-compact room-temperature multi-pixel terahertz sources and receivers for balloon-borne and space instruments.

Alex Gardner

For establishing a new unified system architecture to process Cryosphere data, leading to new scientific discoveries related to the evolution of polar ice caps.

Laura Barge

For pioneering research on the application of electrochemistry to studies of the origin and emergence of life.


The work and accomplishments of many JPL researchers has been recognized by many institutions. Awards, fellowships, and other recognitions have been bestowed on researchers across multiple fields of research.

PECASE award winners

Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers

Edward Stone

The Shaw Prize in Astronomy

2019 John L.

John L. "Jack" Swigert, Jr., Award for Space Exploration

Sarath Gunapala

Levinstein Award