The Edward Stone Award for Outstanding Research Publication

Purpose of the Award

To recognize and encourage publication of significant research results in science and in technology/engineering by JPL employees throughout their professional careers.


Nature of the Award

Selected by the Office of the Chief Scientist and Chief Technologist, the award consists of a certificate of recognition and an award of $10,000 (subject to withholdings). Four (4) awards will be given each year, nominally two in science and two in technology/engineering. In return, each recipient will be asked to give a public lecture to the JPL community related to the work for which s/he is being recognized.  The lectures will be spread throughout the year.



  1. In March, an annual call for nominations of peer-reviewed publications that made a significant impact during FY’17 or FY’18 and were published between October 1, 2016 and December 31, 2018. Awards will be presented in Summer/Fall 2019.  Only papers for which a JPL employee is the lead author will be considered. The award will be made to the lead author.

  2. Technical Division Managers or Program/Project Managers make nominations for the awards.  The nomination should include a signed nomination form (Attachment B) and one (1) hardcopy of the publication. In addition, electronic copies of both the nomination form and the technical paper must be provided. There is no limit on how many papers a single manager can nominate.

  3. An Interdisciplinary Panel of researchers with broad scientific, technical and programmatic perspectives will review candidate papers and prioritize them according to the criteria below. The Chief Scientist and Chief Technologist will select a panel chair. The chair will work with the Chief Scientist and Chief Technologist to identify the remaining panel members.  The panel will recommend up to four nominated papers for an Explorer Bonus Award to the Explorer Award Board who will review and approve the nominations.

  4. The four papers will then be submitted to the JPL Director, who will approve the selected candidates. The JPL Chief Scientist will notify the selected candidates.


A paper has to satisfy both of the “required” criteria and a nomination may be strengthened if the “desired” criteria are also met.



  • The publication reported a major scientific advance or technological innovation that had a significant impact in advancing a field of knowledge.
  • The result contributes to, or has contributed to, the achievement of JPL’s significant goals or objectives. 
  • The lead author has provided a major intellectual contribution to the publication, deserving an individual recognition.



  The result:

  • Opened new scientific, technical, or programmatic opportunities for JPL.
  • Developed or used new tools, methods, or processes that enhanced technical or scientific capabilities and technical innovation.
  • Supported accelerated infusion of cutting-edge technology in flight mission or instruments; achievement made a significant breakthrough in a state-of-the-art technology or enabled breakthrough capabilities.
  • Contributed to or enabled technology transfer to a program, project, operation unit, NASA Center, other laboratory, or industry partner.


Past Recipients

Information on past recipients of the award can be found here.