The Edward Stone Award Recipients

Award Year


Publication Title

2002 Gerhard Klimeck Off Zone Center or Indirect Bandgap like Hole Transport in Heterostructures
2002 William Read UARS Microwave Limb Sounder Upper Tropospheric Humidity Measurement: Method and Validation
2002 Eric Rignot Penetration Depth of Inteferometric Synthetic-Aperture Radar Signals in Snow and Ice
2002 Gerard T. van Belle Altair’s Oblateness and Rotation Velocity from Long-Baseline
2003 Kevin Baines Fresh Ammonia Ice Clouds in Jupiter.I.Spectroscopic Identification, Spatial Distribution, and Dynamical Implications
2003 Ron Kwok Variability of Fram Strait Ice Flux and North Atlantic Oscillation
2003 Yueming Qiu High-performance InAs quantum-dot Lasers Near 1.3 µ m
2003 Eugene Serabyn Fully Symmetric Nulling Beam Combiners
2003 Homayoun Seraji Behavior-Based robot Navigation on Challenging Terrain: A Fuzzy Logic Approach
2003 Simon Yueh Error Sources and Feasibility for Microwave Remote Sensing of Ocean Surface Salinity
2004 Steven R. Chesley Direct Detection of the Yarkovsky Effect via Radar Ranging to Near-Earth Asteroid 6489 Golevka
2004 Peter K. Day Superconducting Materials and Devices
2004 Ian Joughin Changes in West Antarctic Ice Stream Velocities: Observation and Analysis
2004 Christopher R. Webster Water Isotope Rations D/H, 180/ 170, 170/ 160 in and out of Clouds Map Dehydration Pathways
2005 George A. Hajj CHAMP and SAC-C Atmospheric Occultation Results and Intercomparisons
2005 Ron Kwok Annual cycles of Multi-Year Sea ice Coverage of the Arctic Ocean
2005 Eric Rignot Accelerated ice Discharge from the Antarctic Peninsula Following the Collapse of Larsen B Ice Shelf
2006 Donald F. Argus Interseismic Strain Accumulation and anthropogenic motion in metropolitan Los Angeles
2006 Dong Wu UARS MLS Cloud Ice Measurements and Implications for H2O Transport near the Tropopause

Candice Hansen

Enceladus' Water Vapor Plume


Rui Yang

High-temperature and Low-threshold Midinfrared Interband Cascade Lasers


Jon D. Giorgini

Predicting the Earth encounters of (99942) Apophis


Y. Tong Song

Detecting tsunami genesis and scales directly from coastal GPS stations


Peter Eisenhardt

Clusters of Galaxies in the First Half of the Universe from the IRAC Shallow Survey


Mark Swain

The Presence of Methane in the Atmosphere of an Extrasolar Planet


Eric Fielding

Shallow fault-zone dilatancy recovery after the 2003 Bam earthquake in Iran

Michael Janssen

Titan's surface at 2.2 cm wavelength imaged by the Cassini RADAR radiometer: Calibration and first results

Michael Hecht

Detection of Perchlorate and the soluble chemistry of Martian soil at the Phoenix lander site

Jordana Blacksberg

Developing a new method for capturing high-temporal-resolution laser Raman spectroscopy

Xiaoping Wu

Obtaining novel estimates of glacial isostatic adjustments and land-ocean water exchange

Paul Goldsmith

Herschel Measurements of Molecular Oxygen in Orion

Sassan Saatchi

Benchmark Map of Forest Carbon Stocks in Tropical Regions Across Three Continents

Son Nghiem

The Extreme Melt Across the Greenland Ice Sheet

Daniel Stern

Mid-Infrared Selection of Active Galactic Nuclei with the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer I. Characterizing WISE-Selected AGN in COSMOS

Carmen Boening

The 2011 La Niña: So strong, the oceans fell

Ioannis Mikellides

Magnetic Shielding of Walls from the Unmagnetized Ion Beam in a Hall Thruster

Jorge Pineda

A Herschel [C II] Galactic plane survey I. The global distribution of ISM gas components

Xiaoqing Wu

Ice Sheet Bed Mapping with Airborne SAR Tomography
2015 Ala Khazendar Observed Thinning of Totten Glacier is Linked to Coastal Polynya Variability
2015 Eric Larour Inferred Basal Friction and Surface Mass Balance of the Northeast Greenland Ice Stream Using Data Assimilation of ICESat (Ice Cloud and Land Elevation Satellite) Surface Altimetry and ISSM (Ice Sheet System Model)
2015 David Schimel Effect of Increasing CO2 on the Terrestrial Carbon Cycle
2015 James Williams Lunar Interior Properties from the GRAIL Mission
2016 Ronald Kwok Sea Ice Convergence along the Arctic Coasts of Greenland and the Canadian Arctic Archipelago: Variability and Extremes
2016 Christopher R. Webster Mars methane detection and variability at Gale crater
2017 Ryan Briggs Low-dissipation 7.4-µm single-mode quantum cascade lasers without epitaxial regrowth
2017 Corey Cochrane Vectorized magnetometer for space applications using electrical readout of atomic scale defects in silicon carbide
2017 Felix Landerer North Atlantic meridional overturning circulation variations from GRACE ocean bottom pressure anomalies
2018 Donald Argus Sustained Water Loss in California’s Mountain Ranges During Severe Drought From 2012 to 2015 Inferred From GPS
2018 Curtis Chen Approach for Modeling Coherent Radar Ground Echoes in Planetary Landing Simulations
2018 Pierre Echternach Single photon detection of 1.5 THz radiation with the quantum capacitance detector
2018 John Krist Numerical modelling of the proposed WFIRST-AFTA coronagraphs and their predicted performances
2018 Junjie Liu Contrasting carbon cycle responses of the tropical continents to the 2015-2016 El Niño
2019 Ken B. Cooper Atmospheric Humidity Sounding Differential Absorption Radar Near 183 GHz
2019 Jonathan Jiang Contrasting Effects on Deep Convective Clouds by Different Types of Aerosols
2019 Ernesto Rodriguez Estimating Ocean Vector Winds and Currents Using a Ka-Band Pencil-Beam Doppler Scatterometer
2019 John Worden Reduced biomass burning emissions reconcile conflicting estimates of the post-2006 atmospheric methane budget
2020 Shannon Brown Prevalent lightning sferics at 600 megahertz near Jupiter’s poles
2020 Marina Brozovic Goldstone and Arecibo radar observations of (99942) Apophis in 2012–2013
2020 Tong Lee Maritime Continent water cycle regulates low-latitude chokepoint of global ocean circulation
2020 Alexander Soibel Mid-wavelength infrared InAsSb/InAs nBn detectors and FPAs with very low dark current density
2021 Renyu Hu O2 and CO rich Atmospheres for Potentially Habitable Environments on TRAPPIST 1 Planets
2021 Kathryn Stack-Morgan Evidence for plunging river plume deposits in the Pahrump Hills member of the Murray formation, Gale crater, Mars

Hui Su

Applying Satellite Observations of Tropical Cyclone Internal Structures to Rapid Intensification Forecast With Machine Learning
2022 Abigail Allwood PIXL: Planetary Instrument for X-Ray Lithochemistry
2022 Ichiro Fukumori Causal Mechanisms of Sea-level and Freshwater Content Change in the Beaufort Sea
2022 Boris Korzh Demonstration of sub-3 ps temporal resolution with a superconducting nanowire single-photon detector
2022 Marzia Parisi The depth of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot constrained by the Juno gravity overflights