Glenn Reeves

Glenn E. Reeves is a Principal Engineer at Caltech’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. He is currently the Chief Engineer of JPL’s System and Software Division. This division has the responsibility for project and spacecraft system engineering as well as the development of the spacecraft flight software and the ground control system software.

Glenn began his career in 1981 working on fault tolerant computing architectures at JPL. He subsequently developed the architecture and the software for electronic ground support equipment for the Magellan and Cassini projects. Glenn then spent much of the last 17 years as the architect for and leading teams in building flight software for spacecraft destined for Mars. Starting with Mars Pathfinder in 1993 and continuing with the Mars Exploration Rover project and the current Mars Science Laboratory, Glenn was the lead flight software engineer and a member of the core system engineering team on each project. The flight software architecture he developed for the Mars Pathfinder mission has been adapted and used on all JPL Mars missions since 1993.

Glenn's professional passion is the development of evolutionary and revolutionary spacecraft systems and spacecraft autonomy. Toward that goal Glenn has been a leader in the development of the current JPL designs for avionics, fault protection, and vehicle operability.



Glenn Reeves
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