Moon Diver Mission Concept

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Moon Diver is a lunar mission concept aiming to send an extreme terrain rover to explore deep caverns on the Moon. On its journey, Moon Diver would examine the Moon’s ancient lava layers in order to understand the nature and origins of the Solar System’s most extreme type of volcanic eruption. Laura Kerber will discuss the mission, its goals, and the challenges that a mission concept faces on its way to becoming a selected mission.


Speaker Bio

Laura Kerber is a research scientist at JPL with interests in physical volcanology, aeolian geomorphology, the ancient Martian climate, and extraterrestrial cave environments. Kerber holds two Masters Degrees, in Geology and Engineering, and a PhD in Geology from Brown University. She is the Deputy Project Scientist of Mars Odyssey and the Principal Investigator of the Moon Diver mission concept.



11/25/2020 - 13:00
Laura Kerber
Zoom Meeting