While it is our intent technology resulting from JUCI projects will be devoted to the public, JPL may require the participating university to sign a contract allowing JPL intellectual property and licensing rights to products resulting from these efforts.

Faculty and students should not include any confidential or proprietary information in their Letter of Interest.  JPL/Caltech may use the information in the Letter of Interest for any purpose, without any restrictions or obligations of confidentiality, and without any compensation or credit to you.

If selected, faculty will be required to email final products and resumes of top performing student participants. Submission of photos and success stories is highly encouraged, however, do not submit any photos unless you grant JPL permission to use them, including on the JUCI website. Images should be at least 275px in height and either .jpeg or .png file format.”

JUCI partners acknowledge that they are requesting the opportunity to volunteer in JPL’s JUCI Program. As a volunteer, they agree that they are freely donating their services to JPL with no expectation of receiving, any payment or compensation from JPL for performing the volunteer services. JUCI partners understand that the volunteer activities do not create an employee-employer relationship with JPL and acknowledge that JPL has made no promise of future employment. JUCI partners understand that JPL and they have the right to terminate this arrangement at any time without prior notice.