SHERLOC Instrument Development / Astrobiology Spectroscopy Laboratory

Inside the SHERLOC Lab

The facility’s goal is to develop and test Deep-UV Raman/Fluorescence spectrometers for planetary science missions, including Mars 2020 and NASA Astrobiology Institute Science Investigations.


Lab equipment includes:

  • State of the art deep UV-Raman/fluorescence instrument for natural sample analysis
  • BrassBoard & Breadboard of the SHERLOC flight design
  • Prototypes of deep UV field instruments
  • Deep UV fluorescence microscope
  • UV to Visible Optics/spectrometers/imagers
  • Sample preparation stations
  • Access to gas handling system including liquid nitrogen access
Personnel / Contacts: 
Ongoing Research Projects: 
  • SHERLOC on Mars 2020 - data analysis & test-bed validations (L. Beegle PI; R. Bhartia D-PI)
  • WATSON PSTAR program (R. Bhartia PI)
  • GURILA ASTID Program (R. Bhartia PI)
  • NAI Life-Underground (R. Bhartia JPL - PI)
  • Current/Future DOD instrument definition & development for detection of chemical & biological threats.