2023 Innovative Spontaneous Concepts (ISC) Proposals Posters







3D Magnetic Field Visualization for Improved Understanding & Communication between Science and Engineering Teams Benjamin Nuernberger (PI)
Corey J. Cochrane (Co-I)
Lyle A. Klyne (Co-I)
Hannes Kraus (Co-I)
Katherine Dang (Co-I)
Edward C. Gonzales (Co-I)
Neil Murphy (Co-I)
Carol A. Raymond (Co-I)
Justin Williams (Co-I)
Pablo Narvaez (Co-I)
Chi-Chien N. Huang (Co-I)
Andreas P. Gottscholl (Co-I)
Additively-Manufactured Micro Gas Chromatography Columns for Harsh Planetary Environments Richard D. Kidd (PI)
Benjamin M. Kropff (Co-I)
Valeria Lopez (Co-I)
Samad A. Firdosy (Co-I)
Margie L. Homer (Co-I)
Marianne P. Gonzalez (Co-I)
Scott N. Roberts (Co-I)
A Model for Planetary Envelope Composition Gradients: Setting the stage for a profound advance in our understanding of planetary interior structure Mark R. Swain (PI)
Yasuhiro Hasegawa (Co-I)
Astrobiological Investigation of Amino Acids under Ceres Conditions for Future Missions Jessica M. Weber (PI)
Robert P. Hodyss (Co-I)
Ellen C. Czaplinski (Co-I)
Bryana L. Henderson (Co-I)
Characterization of Silicon Carbide JFET for use as Magnetic Field Sensor in Silicon Carbide Magnetometer Corey J. Cochrane (PI)
Andreas P. Gottscholl (Co-I)
Hannes Kraus (Co-I)
Dating alluvial fans by surface reflectance imaged with AVIRIS and EMIT spectroscopy Robert W. Zinke (PI) Christoffel Anthonissen
James Dolan
Demonstrating the use of radar data and stereo-imaging to map seasonal variations of the martian polar deposits over two decades. Gregor B. Steinbruegge (PI)
Yonggyu Gim (Co-I)
Denoising low light imagery from diverse sources, enabling quality 3D maps in lunar shadowed regions Yumi Iwashita (PI)
Adnan I. Ansar (Co-I)
Deployable antenna for sounding of extensive ice deposits in airless Solar System bodies using cosmic rays Andrew Romero-Wolf (PI)
Samuel C. Bradford (Co-I)
Andrew Ludwig (Co-I)
Peter Gorham View
Design of Space Rated Pouch Cell Battery Module Erik J. Brandon (PI)
Michael Cox (Co-I)
William C. West (Co-I)
Eric Poliquin (Co-I)
Takuro Daimaru (Co-I)
Desorption of N-bearing isotopologues relevant to interstellar and protoplanetary ices. Edith C. Fayolle (PI)
Robert P. Hodyss (Co-I)
Jeffrey D. Hein (Co-I)
Detection and monitoring of sub-monthly mass change signals with GRACE-FO Athina Peidou (PI)
Matthias Ellmer (Co-I)
Robert E. Spero (Co-I)
Felix W. Landerer (Co-I)
David N. Wiese (Co-I)
Evolution of Molecular Gas in the Spiral Galaxy M51 Traced with SOFIA [CII] Maps Jorge Luis Pineda Galvez (PI)
William D. Langer (Co-I)
Far-infrared mesh filter development and characterization Boris A. Korzh (PI)
Firat Yasar (Co-I)
Christopher Albert (Co-I)
Tobias Wenger (Co-I)
Mathieu Fradet (Co-I)
Ryan M. Briggs (Co-I)
Gregor G. Taylor (Co-I)
Peter K. Day (Co-I)
Andrew D. Beyer (Co-I)
Geotechnical Assessment of Soil Analogs under Extreme Environments using the SPARTA Instruments Robert C. Anderson (PI)
Keith B. Chin (Co-I)
High Directivity and Reconfigurable Sub-Wavelength Lens Coupled to a Rydberg Vapor Cell Jack D. Bush (PI)
Brook Feyissa (Co-I)
Junhee Park (Co-I)
Darmindra D. Arumugam (Co-I)
InGaAs Schottky Diode-based Local Oscillators (LO) beyond 5 THz Choonsup Lee (PI)
Alain E. Maestrini (Co-I)
David Z. Ting (Co-I)
Imran Mehdi (Co-I)
Sam A. Keo (Co-I)
Integrated narrow-linewidth external cavity laser (ECL) using low loss silicon nitride (Si3N4) Mathieu Fradet (PI)
Hani Nejadriahi (Co-I)
Siamak Forouhar (Co-I)
Daniel Blumenthal View
ITO Nanocrystals for Dynamic Thermo-optical Coatings in Spacecraft Environments Marjorie M. Potter (PI)
Nicholas W. Hatcher (Co-I)
Jeffrey M. Megivern (Co-I)
Nicholas A. Heinz (Co-I)
Hared A. Ochoa (Co-I)
Elham Maghsoudi (Co-I)
Emma M. Bradford (Co-I)
Zion Irving-Singh
Daniel Davies
Delia Milliron
Sam Vi-Tang
Kinematic Lensing Analysis with Palomar Telescope Data Eric M. Huff (PI)
Spencer W. Everett (Co-I)
Life Detection Development and Data Assessment of Agnostic Nuclaic Acids Scott M. Perl (PI) Christine Foreman
Maddie Garner
Low velocity impact particles collector Mircea Badescu (PI)
Jessica M. Weber (Co-I)
Douglas C. Hofmann (Co-I)
Mathieu N. Choukroun (Co-I)
Machine learning for detecting hidden patterns in data for air-land processes Alphan Altinok (PI)
Nicholas C. Parazoo (Co-I)
Daniel Wenkert (Co-I)
Gary B. Doran (Co-I)
Derek J. Posselt (Co-I)
Kerry-Anne Cawse-Nicholson (Co-I)
Steffen Mauceri (Co-I)
Xubin Zeng View
MEMS deformable mirror (DM) for coronagraph instruments Cecile Jung-Kubiak (PI)
Sofia Rahiminejad (Co-I)
Risaku Toda (Co-I)
Anthony D. Turner (Co-I)
Brandon D. Dube (Co-I)
Miniature W-Band Phase Noise Test System Vladimir S. Iltchenko (PI)
Andrey B. Matsko (Co-I)
Michael Toennies (Co-I)
Wei Zhang (Co-I)
New Class of Low Energy Flyby, Capture & Landing Orbits Around Small Moons Jon A. Sims (PI)
Martin W. Lo (Co-I)
Xavier Tricoche View
Origins of phosphine in the Venus aerosol layer: modeling and simulations of the interaction between the lower aerosol layer and the upper layer of the deep atmosphere Josette Bellan (PI)   View
Physics informed machine learning (PIML) towards a real-time and interpretable thermal simulator Zaki Hasnain (PI)
Eric T. Sunada (Co-I)
Saptarshi Bandyopadhyay (Co-I)
Issa A. Nesnas (Co-I)
Souma Chowdhury
Manaswin Oddiraju
Superconducting Integrated Filters for Kinetic-Inductance Traveling-Wave Parametric Amplifiers Akim A. Babenko (PI)
Pekka P. Kangaslahti (Co-I)
Peter K. Day (Co-I)
Superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors for infrared wavelengths up to 25 microns Emma Wollman (PI)
Sven L. van Berkel (Co-I)
Gregor G. Taylor (Co-I)
Sahil R. Patel (Co-I)
Andrew D. Beyer (Co-I)
Matthew D. Shaw (Co-I)
Boris A. Korzh (Co-I)
Thin-film lithium niobate integrated continuous-wave optical parametric amplifier for ultra-high-speed space-space/space-ground optical communications Uriel S. Escobar (PI) Luis Ledezma View
Towards Quantification of Risk to GNSS Signals due to Space Weather Olga P. Verkhoglyadova (PI)
Ryan M. McGranaghan (Co-I)
Attila Komjathy (Co-I)
Ultra-Low-Power Optical Encoder Enabling “Laser-less” Data Transmitter in Optical Communications Lin Yi (PI)   View
Unstructured camera recalibration with mrcal Dmitriy Kogan (PI)   View
Visible Metasurfaces for Astronomical Cornographs Mahmood Bagheri (PI)
Jeffrey B. Jewell (Co-I)
Yiran Gu (Co-I)