2023 Topic Proposals Posters







3D-HIFI: “A 3x On-Chip Diplexed Heterodyne Instrument for the Far-Infrared” Jose Vicente Siles Perez (PI)
Jonathan H. Kawamura (Co-I)
Choonsup Lee (Co-I)
Alain E. Maestrini (Co-I)
Jorge Luis Pineda Galvez (Co-I)
Paul F. Goldsmith (Co-I)
Brian J. Drouin (Co-I)
Additive Manufacturing of Compliant Mechanisms for Deployable Structures Christine A. Gebara (PI)
Jeremiah B. Gayle (Co-I)
Adrian Cheng (Co-I)
Theresa Juarez (Co-I)
Savannah L. Sunez (Co-I)
Paul D. Lytal (Co-I)
A Deep-Throttling, High Specific Impulse Hall Thruster Enabling the Next Generation of Space Exploration Richard R. Hofer (PI)
Jacob B. Simmonds (Co-I)
Dan M. Goebel (Co-I)
Joel M. Steinkraus (Co-I)
Advancing Electric Propulsion Technology with 3D Printing (AdEPT3D) Samad A. Firdosy (PI)
Takuro Daimaru (Co-I)
Richard R. Hofer (Co-I)
Eric F. Smith (Co-I)
Robert P. Dillon (Co-I)
Scott N. Roberts (Co-I)
Jacob B. Simmonds (Co-I)
A new method for testing star formation and metal transport theories in galaxies. Jorge Luis Pineda Galvez (PI)
William D. Langer (Co-I)
Matthew Orr View
A Novel X-ray Imaging Detector Concept: Stackable Photonic Crystal Scintillators with Lateral Edge-On Detector Array Sam A. Keo (PI)
Firat Yasar (Co-I)
Arezou Khoshakhlagh (Co-I)
A super-resolution Machine Learning approach to Topology Optimization to enable rapid generation of low mass designs Ryan T. Watkins (PI)
Hamsa Shwetha Venkataram (Co-I)
Marcello Gori (Co-I)
Richard Otis (Co-I)
Bias Compensated Inertial Navigation Carl C. Liebe (PI)
Jack B. Aldrich (Co-I)
David S. Bayard (Co-I)
Leonard I. Dorsky (Co-I)
Scott R. Ploen (Co-I)
Edward H. Konefat (Co-I)
Joel F. Shields (Co-I)
Anup B. Katake (Co-I)
Tommy Mounarath View
Breaking the Complexity Barrier in 3D Cloud Remote Sensing with Deep Machine Learning and Large-Eddy Simulation Anthony B. Davis (PI)
Steffen Mauceri (Co-I)
Marcin J. Kurowski (Co-I)
Nicholas J. Lahaye (Co-I)
Linda Forster (Co-I)
Breakthrough Science with Hybrid Radio/Optical DSN Tracking Antenna Walid A. Majid (PI)
Russell Trahan (Co-I)
Charles J. Naudet (Co-I)
Makan Mohageg (Co-I)
Michael Shao (Co-I)
Robert A. Preston (Co-I)
Daniel J. Hoppe (Co-I)
Vikram Ravi
Gregg Halinan
Thomas Prince
Characaterizing and Quantifying Stellar Noise Sources Virisha Timmaraju (PI)
Hamsa Shwetha Venkataram (Co-I)
Samuel P. Halverson (Co-I)
Close-in Exoplanet Characterization using High-Dispersion & High-Contrast Nulling Coronagraphy Bertrand Mennesson (PI)
Garreth J. Ruane (Co-I)
James K. Wallace (Co-I)
Eugene Serabyn (Co-I)
Vanessa Bailey (Co-I)
Joel F. Shields (Co-I)
Dimitri Mawet
Nemanja Jovanovic
Daniel Echeverri
Jerry Xuan
Yinzi Xin
Cost-effective real-time sensing of speciated fine particulate matter air pollution David J. Diner (PI)
Sina Hasheminassab (Co-I)
Michael J. Garay (Co-I)
Richard Flagan
Meredith Franklin
Jason Schroeder
DECISION - Data-driven Efficient Config of Instruments by Scientific Intent for Operational Needs Jack A. Lightholder (PI)
Hallie E. Gengl (Co-I)
Scott M. Perl (Co-I)
Christian A. Lindensmith (Co-I)
Mark Wronkiewicz (Co-I)
Lukas Mandrake (Co-I)
Determining Atmospheric Species Abundances Using Multi-Frequency Radio Signal Absorption Panagiotis Vergados (PI)
Tatiana M. Bocanegra-Bahamon (Co-I)
Alexander Akins (Co-I)
Kuo-Nung Wang (Co-I)
Chi O. Ao (Co-I)
Sami W. Asmar (Co-I)
Robert A. Preston (Co-I)
Direct Energy Transfer Solar Array Architecture with Inherent Array Collapse Prevention Christopher B. Stell (PI)
Andre Sukernik (Co-I)
Dual-purpose metasurface focal plane mask for high-contrast imaging and wavefront sensing James K. Wallace (PI)
Tobias Wenger (Co-I)
Garreth J. Ruane (Co-I)
Jeffrey B. Jewell (Co-I)
A J Eldorado Riggs (Co-I)
Nasrat A. Raouf (Co-I)
Mahmood Bagheri (Co-I)
Expanding the Operation Temperature Window of Zinc Metal Anode Batteries for Applications under Extreme Conditions in Space Missions Ruoqian Lin (PI) Juchen Guo View
Exploring quantum advantage in GRACE geopotential estimation Alexandre Guillaume (PI)
Dah-Ning Yuan (Co-I)
From the Seasonal to the Decadal: Inferring Ice-Shelf Submarine Melting Changes from ICESat-2 Observations to Assess their Relationship to Ocean Variability Ala Khazendar (PI)
Ou Wang (Co-I)
Hong Zhang (Co-I)
Ian G. Fenty (Co-I)
Nicole Schlegel
Michael Schodlok
Fundamental Investigation of the Role of Facility Effects in Electrospray Thruster Wear Tests Colleen M. Marrese-Reading (PI)
Steven M. Arestie (Co-I)
Saba Shaik View
Hierarchical Antennas for mm-wave Spectroscopy on a Chip Andrew D. Beyer (PI)
Clifford F. Frez (Co-I)
Fabien M. Defrance (Co-I)
Peter K. Day (Co-I)
Sunil Golwala View
High-temperature Batch Reactor for the fabrication of Lunar Simulants Robert C. Anderson (PI)
Keith B. Chin (Co-I)
How many cracks does it take to get to the water on Enceladus? Samuel M. Howell (PI)
Erin J. Leonard (Co-I)
Danielle Wyrick View
Hydrodynamics Across the Land-Ocean Aquatic Continuum (LOAC) Marc Simard (PI)
Alexandra L. Christensen (Co-I)
Ka/W-Band Deployable Modularized MetaLens Antennas for SmallSat Applications Richard E. Hodges (PI)
Douglas C. Hofmann (Co-I)
Alan S. Howe (Co-I)
Yahya Rahmat-Samii
Junbo Wang
Kinetic Inductance Detector array development for the Balloon Experiment for Galactic INfrared Science (BEGINS) Peter K. Day (PI)
Henry G. Leduc (Co-I)
Byeong H. Eom (Co-I)
Christopher Albert (Co-I)
Jason Glenn
Joanna Perido
Nicholas Cothard
Laboratory and Modeling Constraints on the Origin of Anomalously Depleted 13-C on Mars Stanley P. Sander (PI)
Xu Zhang (Co-I)
Yuk Yung View
Laboratory Electrical Conductivity Measurements for Exploring Ocean Worlds Steven D. Vance (PI)
Keith B. Chin (Co-I)
Mohit Melwani Daswani (Co-I)
Abby Kavner
Tao Wei
Large Antenna Mechanical Noise Calibration for Improved Radio Science Remi C. La Belle (PI)
Andre P. Jongeling (Co-I)
Michael A. Ciminera (Co-I)
Lisa S. Locke (Co-I)
Lisa M. Mauger (Co-I)
Long-range Navigation for Mars Helicopters Roland Brockers (PI)
David S. Bayard (Co-I)
Abigail A. Fraeman (Co-I)
Jeff H. Delaune (Co-I)
Larry H. Matthies (Co-I)
Loop Heat Pipes for Smallsat Swarms (LHPss) Scott N. Roberts (PI)
Takuro Daimaru (Co-I)
Ian C. Luczon (Co-I)
Stephen J. Horst (Co-I)
Low Loss Optical Waveguides for Astronomical Heterodyne Imaging Mahmood Bagheri (PI)
Hani Nejadriahi (Co-I)
Gautam Vasisht (Co-I)
Sam A. Keo (Co-I)
Low-power giga sampling digitizer for large-format far-IR detectors Taehoon Kim (PI)
Peter K. Day (Co-I)
Changsub Kim (Co-I)
Measuring Earth’s Energy Imbalance via radiation pressure acting on spherical LEO satellites (Space Balls): Simulating feasibility, confounding effects, and sampling requirements Maria Z. Hakuba (PI)
Christopher Mccullough (Co-I)
Charles M. Reynerson (Co-I)
Bruno M. Quadrelli (Co-I)
David N. Wiese (Co-I)
Metasurface-Based Multi-Frequency Antennas for Telecommunication and Earth Science Applications Nacer E. Chahat (PI)
Kristy Hecht (Co-I)
Goutam Chattopadhyay (Co-I)
Gaurangi Gupta (Co-I)
Mario Junior Mencagli View
Microbial Pigments and Their Degradation Products as Biosignatures Michael J. Malaska (PI)
Sunanda Sharma (Co-I)
Edith C. Fayolle (Co-I)
Tuan H. Vu (Co-I)
Carina Lee View
Micro-thruster Based ACS Architecture Enabling Spacecraft Ultra-fine Pointing Control Cameron E. Haag (PI)
Katiyayni Balachandran (Co-I)
Oscar S. Alvarez-Salazar (Co-I)
Colleen M. Marrese-Reading (Co-I)
Steven M. Arestie (Co-I)
Modeling, Analysis and Design of Dynamic Couplings in Planetary Tethered Aerobot Systems Bruno M. Quadrelli (PI)
Jacob Izraelevitz (Co-I)
Leonard I. Dorsky (Co-I)
Ashish Goel (Co-I)
Richard S. Blomquist (Co-I)
New Bayesian Retrieval Methods at Scale Jouni I. Susiluoto (PI)
David R. Thompson (Co-I)
Regina F. Eckert (Co-I)
Youssef Marzouk
Kelvin Leung
Novel Method for Analysis of Fatty Acids by Capillary Electrophoresis using Non-polar Solvents Maria F. Mora (PI)
Miranda G. Kok (Co-I)
On-chip Power-combining Networks with Integrated Harmonic Terminations for Highly-efficient, High-power SSPAs Sushians Rahimizadeh (PI)
Lin Yi (Co-I)
Masatoshi M. Kobayashi (Co-I)
Organics and Associated Mineralogy on Ocean Worlds Tuan H. Vu (PI)
Robert P. Hodyss (Co-I)
Paul V. Johnson (Co-I)
Morgan L. Cable (Co-I)
Origin of Titan’s Superrotation, and OSSE for Titan Sub-mm Instrument Development Leslie K. Tamppari (PI)
Nathaniel J. Livesey (Co-I)
Goutam Chattopadhyay (Co-I)
William G. Read (Co-I)
Cecilia W. Leung (Co-I)
Claire Newman
Yuan Lian
Preservation and viability of microorganisms in vitreous Mg-bearing salt hydrates on Europa Paul V. Johnson (PI)
Tae Woo Kim (Co-I)
Ceth W. Parker (Co-I)
Tuan H. Vu (Co-I)
Quantum-noise limited Terahertz Amplifier for Astrophysics and Planetary Science Jonathan H. Kawamura (PI)
Christopher A. Curwen (Co-I)
Jenna Kloosterman View
Realistic and Computationally Efficient 3D Full-Wave Model for Multistatic Scattering from Vegetated Terrains at P/L Band Ines Fenni (PI)
Mark S. Haynes (Co-I)
Gaurangi Gupta (Co-I)
Ziad S. Haddad (Co-I)
Mehmet Kurum View
Sample Integrity Evaluation Methodology for Icy Worlds Applications Anthony T. Wong (PI)
Mark S. Anderson (Co-I)
Erin J. Leonard (Co-I)
Cambria A. Logan (Co-I)
Wade D. Smith (Co-I)
Sarah N. Yearicks (Co-I)
Paul Akangah
Sun Yi
Smart Thermal Control System for Power-Efficient Electronics in Extreme Cold Environment Missions Takuro Daimaru (PI)
Scott N. Roberts (Co-I)
Eric J. Suh (Co-I)
Don J. Hunter (Co-I)
Massoud Kaviany View
Snow Water Equivalent Retrieval Over Idaho Using Sentinel-1 Repeat-Pass Interferometry Shadi Oveisgharan (PI)
Robert W. Zinke (Co-I)
Emre Havazli (Co-I)
Zachary Hoppinen View
Spaceborne quantum sensors based on magnetically insensitive atomic gases David C. Aveline (PI)
Christopher M. Herdman (Co-I)
Jason R. Williams (Co-I)
Ethan R. Elliott (Co-I)
Stereophotogrammetry with Rotating Synthetic Aperture Imaging Systems Joseph J. Green (PI)
Adnan I. Ansar (Co-I)
Brandon D. Dube (Co-I)
Erkin Sidick (Co-I)
Robert W. Zinke (Co-I)
Andrea C. Donnellan (Co-I)
Submillimeter Antenna Technology Based on Printed Lattice Structures Paul F. Goldsmith (PI)
Ryan T. Watkins (Co-I)
Youngmin Seo (Co-I)
Samad A. Firdosy (Co-I)
Surface reflectance data fusion for current and future JPL missions Margaret C. Johnson (PI)
Gregory H. Halverson (Co-I)
Jouni I. Susiluoto (Co-I)
Kerry-Anne Cawse-Nicholson (Co-I)
Glynn C. Hulley (Co-I)
Theoretical modeling and design of field-deployable continuous-wave atom laser Yun-Jhih Chen (PI)
Robert J. Thompson (Co-I)
James M. Kohel (Co-I)
The Sun as a star: exploring stellar activity with NASA’s flagship Doppler RV instrument Samuel P. Halverson (PI)
Neil Murphy (Co-I)
Paul Robertson
Jacob Luhn
Chad Bender
Arpita Roy
THz quantum-cascade laser sources for space science Boris S. Karasik (PI)
Christopher A. Curwen (Co-I)
Jonathan H. Kawamura (Co-I)
James A. Sinclair (Co-I)
THz Superconducting On-Chip Fourier Transform Spectrometers Daniel P. Cunnane (PI)
Ritoban Basu Thakur (Co-I)
Changsub Kim (Co-I)
Paul F. Goldsmith (Co-I)
Volumetric Silicon Metaoptics for Highly-Compact and Low-Power Terahertz Spectroscopy Goutam Chattopadhyay (PI)
Subash Khanal (Co-I)
Jacob W. Kooi (Co-I)
Leslie K. Tamppari (Co-I)
Paul F. Goldsmith (Co-I)
Conner K. Ballew (Co-I)
Sven L. van Berkel (Co-I)
Waveguide coupled high speed quantum well detectors for astronomy applications Arezou Khoshakhlagh (PI)   View